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From years of experience of building streaming services

Eyevinn Video Dev Team

Product enhancement as a service

Your need

You need a new feature to your software stack but miss the right competence or don’t have enough resources available

Our Team

Has a unique combined skillset with experience from the entire video development domain

The Result

A Video Dev Team take full responsibility to deliver the feature according to your requirements and wishes


Our offers range from smaller isolated development tasks to full workflow implementations, no assignment is too small or too large.

Ingest technologies

Enhance your ingest flow with new technologies such as SRT to help transition towards IP based remote production

Video Processing and Distribution

Add new features to your processing and distribution pipeline such as virtual linear channels, all completely software based without need for additional transcoding

Client/Device development

Specific client implementations such as Chromecast receivers, DRM integration and client side tracking and analytics


International Customer Cases


A Video Dev Team was asked to help OTTera to integrate and extend a component to serve linear online video feeds (virtual channels). The implementation in this solution was partly based on an open source developed channel engine that stitches a sequence of pre-transcoded online video files into a pseudo-live linear stream.

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Ad Lightning

A Video Dev Team help Ad Lightning to develop components for the online video validation and measurement in connection to advertising. The scope is included two validation components, VAST validation and Video file validation. Both component was delivered into the Ad Lightning architecture and existing interfaces

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Based on a design proposal from Yospace, a Video Dev Team developed a plug-in to to convert single period DASH stream with a sidecar Event Stream into a multi-period DASH stream. The plug-in was developed as an isolated component that hooked into the API framework from Yospace.

Eyevinn Video Dev Teams remains the only third-party who Yospace have commissioned the development of code for their core platform

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Based on our open source contribution process

We agree on the scope of the problem the TEAM to solve.

We get access to your code repository related to the task and you give the TEAM a walk-through of the relevant areas of your code base.

Team Lead

Lead Architect


The TEAM provides you with the patch (pull request) for you to review and merge back into your code base. This is where the TEAM updates the relevant documentations on your side.

Support and lifecycle management of the affected code base (optional).


A unique combined skillset with the experience from the entire video development domain

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